Our Clients

We advise leaders of niche markets who are selling a company, buying a company or raising capital for growth.

MHT Partners serves a variety of middle-market businesses, from companies owned by families or serial entrepreneurs to divisions of large corporations to private equity or venture backed enterprises. The common thread is we’re a firm that works with entrepreneurs and innovators, is deeply engaged and highly expert in specific sectors, and is relentlessly focused on delivering exceptional results.

Because value creation and maximization is a process that goes on long before the decision to sell or buy a company is made, we love to engage with our clients early, offering advice and expertise for those who are:

  • Managing through growth inflection points
  • Contemplating changes in ownership
  • Seeking proper capitalization
  • Seeking to divest non-core assets
  • Accelerating growth through acquisition
  • Facing competitive or external market pressures

Important decisions generally require significant research and serious discussions at some point. If you’d like to speak with a senior banker from the MHT Partners team, we invite you to contact us. All information will be held in strictest confidentiality (non-disclosure agreements signed upon request).