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September 26, 2019

Sounding the Alarm – Recent Cyberattacks Stoke the Flames of Red-Hot Managed Security Services Sector

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A cyberattack against Capital One, which was perpetrated by a single Seattle-based hacker in March, exposed the personal information of nearly 106 million of the bank’s customers and applicants. Capital One’s management didn’t become aware of the incident until it was reported to the company by an independent security researcher in July. Just ten days after the Capital One hack hit the airwaves, another cyberattack was announced in southern California. Computers belonging to the city of Los Angeles were breached in late July, providing the hacker with access to the personal information of 20,000 applicants for positions in the police department. As these examples show, no organization is safe from cyber criminals.

September 12, 2019

Loyalty in the Workplace

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The old adage about the finance industry was “if you want loyalty on Wall St., get a dog.” That mentality has slowly crept onto Main St. as cultural norms have shifted, a strong job market has persisted, and the options for job seekers have exploded and are just a click away. The change in employee loyalty is reflected in the fact that, over the last 20 years, the number of companies people have worked for in the first five years out of college has nearly doubled. The days of slowly moving up the corporate ladder during a 40-year career are largely gone. These secular trends have led to the emergence of employers looking for ways to engage with, influence and retain employees to ensure longer-term, stable workforces, which ultimately drive value to organizations.

August 29, 2019

IT Services Businesses . . . Making IT Happen

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As digital technology continues to transform how business is done, the complexity and speed of change of information technology continues to increase dramatically. Many businesses realize it is impractical to invest in the required personnel and training needed to stay on top of the latest developments in technology. As a result, many companies, particularly small- and medium-sized businesses, rely on third-party service providers to install and manage their IT systems. The growing demand for these outsourced services has caught the attention of both strategic acquirers and private equity funds looking to capture share of a burgeoning global market, which is expected to grow at an average annual rate of 8.4% and reach $1.1 trillion by 2025.

July 18, 2019

Tech-enabled Innovation Amongst Incumbent Players in the Insurance Sector

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Much has been written about the rapid digitalization taking place in the insurance sector. Enabled in part by rapidly growing insurance technology “insurtech” investments, numerous new entrants are testing existing processes, distribution channels and incumbent positions.

Less has been written about the tech-enabled innovation taking place amongst incumbents themselves.

May 30, 2019

Mobile and Video Lead Internet Advertising to New Heights

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The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) recently released its latest Internet Advertising Revenue Report, which is conducted independently by PwC on behalf of the IAB. As expected, the report shows internet advertising continues its unrelenting growth. For nine consecutive years, U.S. internet advertising revenues have maintained a double-digit growth rate. In 2018, internet ad revenues totaled $107.5 billion, which represents growth of approximately 22% over 2017.

March 7, 2019

Workplace Wellness Programs: One Size May Not Fit All

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2019 is well underway, and businesses have had the past few months to acclimate to new legislation, policy updates and operational shifts that constantly disrupt and reshape our corporate climate. Once a foreign, idealized concept, wellness programs have become a staple in the discussion surrounding company culture and workplace health over the past decade. According to a recent Welltok survey, over 60% of respondents rely on their employer for at least one aspect of their health. This responsibility has forced executives and HR professionals to stay abreast of the ever-evolving nature of workplace wellness to ensure that employees reap all of the benefits offered by participation in these programs. While the introduction of broad, firmwide initiatives has created “healthier” workplaces, many of these programs offer minimal value for employees who seek targeted, individualized care for their personal, non-holistic needs.

December 13, 2018

The Evolution of Event Technology

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Live events and technology have a unique relationship, the technology must be used to improve attendee experiences without detracting from the in-person aspect of the live event world. The event technology industry is full of organizations striving to find the best possible use of technology, leading to more efficient event registration platforms, live event apps, ticketing software, and much more. According to a Trade Show News Network (TSNN) survey, event producers are moving beyond technology as a communication tool and have begun capturing and tracking large amounts of data. Specifically, data that can be used to greatly improve attendance, marketing and communications.

November 1, 2018

Direct Mail Marketing – Alive and Well

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Despite rumors to the contrary, direct mail is not dead yet. In fact, it is alive and well. Direct mail remains an integral tool for increasing brand awareness and driving customer response.

Everyone will acknowledge that we live in a digital world, but the effectiveness of direct mail may surprise you. According to the Data and Marketing Association’s Response Rate Report, direct mail yields a much higher response rate than social media, online display, email marketing, and paid search. In fact, direct mail’s response rate is over 8x the next highest medium when using a house list.

September 20, 2018

The Potential for Meaningful Augmented Reality-Based Business Solutions

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Augmented reality (“AR”) is a technology that in its most basic form many of us have interacted with for years, from head-up display systems (HUD) in vehicles to the Pokémon Go mobile app and Snapchat filters. Unlike virtual reality, which allows a user to completely immerse themselves in a digital world, AR technology superimposes a computer-generated image or real-time information over a user’s view of the real world. This technology has matured rapidly over the past year, thanks to Apple and Google releasing AR-specific developer toolkits (ARKit and ARCore, respectively) and cloud computing becoming ubiquitous (allowing for AR experiences to be shared across multiple users.)

June 14, 2018

Which Element has Chemical Symbol Co?

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A. Calcium
B. Chlorine
C. Cobalt
D. Copper

If you picked C, you are right.

Cobalt, Co, is the top performing base metal this year, with its price per pound doubling since 2016. Cobalt is usually sourced as a byproduct of copper and nickel production. Given little demand for copper and nickel, there is a supply constraint on cobalt.