At MHT Partners, we strive to provide outstanding service to clients across all of our service areas, in every stage of growth.

Whether you’re selling a private company, seeking advice for the board of a public company, raising private equity, valuing a company, buying a company, or looking for a read on the current state of the deal and capital markets, we are focused on one, and only one, thing: running the best possible process to ensure a successful outcome for you.

Our services include:

Seller Advisory
We guide our clients through every step of the sale process, creating customized solutions that result in maximizing value to the seller. Learn More

Buyer Advisory
We help execute acquisition plans ranging from single-company purchases to multi-company buy-and-build strategies. Learn More

Strategic Advisory
We serve as a strategic resource for middle-market firms and investors, advising on everything from market studies to post-merger integration. Learn More

Corporate Finance and Capital Raising
We help companies raise nearly every form of debt and equity capital in both private and public markets—in markets both favorable and difficult. Learn More