Buyer Advisory

At MHT Partners, we leverage our transaction execution and strategic advisory skills to develop and execute the value-building acquisition strategy that’s best for you.

We’re experienced in executing acquisition plans ranging from single-company purchases to multi-company buy-and-build strategies. We’ll work with you to understanding your needs and shape the strategy that fits your needs and vision.

Our acquisition assignments typically include:

Strategy Development
Our team draws experience from such strategic consulting firms as McKinsey & Company and the Boston Consulting Group. We’ll work closely with your management team to develop and refine your acquisition strategy.

Target Identification
Through the extensive use of internal and external resources, we identify specific acquisition candidates that fit within your strategic parameters.

Transaction Execution
As needed, we initiate the acquisition process to assess interest at the target company. Ultimately, we drive transactions to completion on terms that fit the financial and strategic objectives of both you and your target company.

Integration Planning
We also work with you to evaluate the infrastructure and management required to successfully integrate acquisitions and develop a robust M&A strategy.