Strategic Advisory

MHT Partners’ experience in M&A strategies, corporate strategy and positioning, and custom research and analysis makes us a valuable strategic resource for middle-market firms and investors.

Our broad range of strategic advisory services includes everything from market studies to post-merger integration, adding significant value for middle-market companies. These services include:

M&A Strategy
We help both private equity funds and middle-market companies evaluate industries and determine the most attractive acquisition targets. Unlike other strategic advisory firms, we also have the expertise to execute the M&A strategy and help you plan for post-merger operating and strategic issues.

Corporate Strategy and Positioning
We partner with companies through every stage of growth to provide superior strategic advice. MHT Partners uses primary and secondary research, including customer and competitor interviews, published research and our advisors’ deep knowledge of industries to help set long-term goals and develop implementation plans and benchmarks for success.

Custom Research and Analysis
The firm’s professionals have extensive experience working with our clients’ existing and potential customers, competitors and third parties to analyze competitive positioning and effectiveness in the market. This primary research provides valuable insight into a company’s growth potential, improvement opportunities and investment needs.