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March 28, 2019

Global Pet Expo Trade Show Review

MHT Partners  | Consumer Investment Bank

I recently attended the Global Pet Expo trade show in Orlando and came away with the following impressions:

  • There was good attendance, good traffic and good energy. Though I fear the show is penalized on all three of those metrics given how closely this show follows the Expo West show. While there were a couple of cool new products, most change was evolutionary rather than revolutionary.
  • Treats – as has been the case the last couple of years, there were lots of treats companies in attendance, which really reinforces that while it’s easy to find a good co-man to make treats, getting scale, real scale, is difficult and those that do are in rarefied territory.
  • CBD – as was the case at the ICR, Expo West and other notable tradeshows, CBD was a hot topic of discussion. Everyone is talking about it; everyone is looking at it at varying degrees, but there’s still a fair amount of hesitancy to jump all-in.
  • Air Dry – much as dehydrated inclusions, HPP, etc., have been all the rage in the past, there was a lot of chatter about “air dry” this go-round. Air drying entails the movement of warm air over and around food/treats. Contrary to the dehydration method, the material is spread out thinly on trays and placed in a room where warm air is simply flowed over the product, allowing the product to dry. Drying time can depend on the season, which in turn determines humidity content in the air, as well as things such as fat content in the material. The advantage of air drying is the elimination of the need for the usage of binders or carbohydrates to hold everything together and, in contrast to an extrusion process that uses high heat and pressure, air drying doesn’t utilize any of this, resulting in negligible nutrient degradation.

MHT Partners, a leading consumer investment bank, looks forward to continuing to follow the up-to-the minute trends in the pet space and seeing you at SuperZoo!

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