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August 2, 2018

Increasing Prevalence of Surgeries Performed in an ASC Setting . . . continued

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As mentioned last week, in this blog we’ll look at specialties that are well positioned to transition some patient cases to an ASC setting, and what factors, including reimbursement decisions, patient outcomes, and technology are a fit with ASCs.

Importantly, while some procedures may be a good fit for ASCs, the ultimate determination as to where a patient is treated is driven by their personal profile. Unique individual factors need to be considered when patients choose to undergo a procedure at an ASC, including medical history and familial / social considerations (such as access to assistance post-surgery). Clear insights into these factors can help a physician determine whether a person is a good fit for a procedure in an ASC from patient health and financial outcome perspectives.























As discussed in previous blogs, establishing an ASC can be an expensive proposition, but one that opens new avenues of growth for a practice.  The cost of funding a buildout of an ASC can also be shared with prospective new investment partners in the form of private equity groups or through joint ventures with local or regional health systems.

We’re here to help

Partnering with specialty physician practices as they evaluate strategic alternatives for their businesses represents a significant portion of our work in the healthcare space. As a healthcare investment bank, MHT is extraordinarily active in the market, recently completing anesthesiology, dermatology, hospitalist and emergency physician deals.  We would love to be a resource for you as you consider the rapidly evolving healthcare landscape and the implications for your practice.

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