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May 10, 2018

Wine in a Can

MHT Partners  | Consumer Investment Bank

You’ve probably never had a sommelier ask you if you’d like them to “crack one” for you….that could be changing.

Wine in a can is one of the fastest growing segments of the wine industry, and while still a relatively small market segment (~$2mm in 2012, $28 million in 2017), the space is exhibiting strong growth (up 54% for the 52 weeks ended 12/31/17) that speaks to its rapid ascendancy.  Much like the craft beer industry adopting cans (5 years ago less than 5% of craft beer was sold in a can, today that number is greater than 25%), the wine industry is following suit.  The demand for canned wine is so great that in California it is starting to surpass supply chain capabilities.  Limited thus far to smaller volume wineries such as Union Wine Co., the Constellation Brands of the world have yet to enter the fray….but likely will.

So what’s driving the rapid growth?   In a word, “millennials.”  Already fervent fans of vino, millenials bring different needs and preferences to the wine industry, an industry largely static for decades from a packaging perspective..

Offering a convenience factor much more conducive to fun, outdoor activities, a significantly smaller carbon footprint than glass, a lower price point, and aesthetically less “elite and stuffy” than the bottles their parents prefer, aluminum cans have much to offer millennials, America’s newest most influential generation.

And for those of you thinking “bigger” – wine on tap is also surging, another trend to watch in the wine industry in the coming years.  As an investment bank with deep consumer experience, MHT Partners looks forward to observing how these new food and beverage packaging trends unfold.


Source: Nielsen data


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